About Me

I'm an avid theatre goer, tv and movie watcher - after working in NYC and living in the suburbs of New Jersey for over 25 years my partner Scott and I decided to head west and recently relocated to the beautiful state of Arizona. 

When we lived in the NYC area we would see about 80-90% of the shows that open on Broadway each year as well as most of the shows at the three main New Jersey professional theatre companies - Paper Mill Playhouse, George Street Playhouse and McCarter Theatre.  Check out the "Lifetime of Theatre Going" tab to see all of the shows I've seen in my lifetime.

I'm the Phoenix Theatre Critic for the national website Talkin' Broadway.com - www.talkinbroadway.com.  My reviews can be found here - http://www.talkinbroadway.com/regional/phoenix/  I'm currently reviewing around 100 productions a year, representing the 16 largest theatre companies in the Phoenix area as well as Broadway themed concerts performed by the excellent Phoenix Symphony. 

I worked for one of the largest Media companies in the world for over 25 years - so was pretty much surrounded by entertainment in all forms 24/7.  Through this job I had the ability to serve as the production accountant for the Broadway Musical A Christmas Carol working with such A-list Broadway names as Susan Stroman, Tony Walton and William Ivey Long.  I was also the production accountant for the feature film Beavis and Butthead Do America.  Yes, I was lucky enough to get my name listed in the Christmas Carol playbill as well as in the end credits of the Beavis and Butthead movie. 

In College I ran the film program - this was back in the pre-dvd mid 80's, just when vhs and video stores were starting up, but long before Blockbusters were in every town - so we showed 16mm prints of 6 movies, 5 days a week in a 450 seat auditorium in the College Union.  We would often sell out the showings -so it was a very successful program.   In our weekly board meetings, I started telling people what my "pick of the week" was - a movie that we were showing that upcoming week that I'd suggest as the one not to miss.   My good college buddy Susan suggested I start up my "pick of the week" again - but in the new digital world - and now incorporating plays, musicals and tv shows and that is how this blog was born.  Thanks Susan!

Zuzu, see, I told you you'd make it into my blog!