Thursday, October 11, 2012

theatre review BRING IT ON, Broadway, September 23

We enjoyed the new Broadway musical Bring It On so much when we saw it back in August that we went back again with our nieces.  The show was just as enjoyable and I actually liked it even better the second time.  No need to go on and on about it since I already wrote about it in detail in my previous review, but just wanted to say that if you're looking for a fun night out that includes a score with some upbeat tunes, an energetic cast and some awesome high flying acrobatic stunts make sure not to miss Bring It On which is playing a limited run through January 20th. 

The cast recording was just released and it is great - completely captures all of the fun and humor of the show.  You can currently download it via Amazon for only $9! - check out the Amazon link below...

Official Show Site

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