Tuesday, December 9, 2014

theatre review - YEAR OF THE ROOSTER - Stray Cat Theatre - December 5, 2014

Ron May and Austin Kiehle
Photo courtesy of John Groseclose
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" Eric Dufault's Year of the Rooster...a provocative and thought provoking piece of work centered on the hopes of McDonald's employee Gil and his prize fighting cock Odysseus Rex. Part black comedy, part character study, it is a riveting comedy and Stray Cat Theatre's production has superb performances, excellent direction, and impressive creative aspects. Austin Keihle is nothing short of miraculous. Ron May is just as good as Gil. May's portrayal has similar shades of pain and love but also a fierce drive and obsession with what he believes is his meal ticket up and out. Gil Pepper is a broken man, and May lets us see his frustration, peek inside his suffering, and endure with him the pain he encounters from the humans in his life and the sheer joy and love he has for Odie. A firecracker of a production. An intense, funny play and Stray Cat's production of it is quite a winner."

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