Tuesday, February 9, 2016

theatre review - PERÔ, OR THE MYSTERIES OF THE NIGHT - Childsplay - January 30, 2016

Katie McFadzen and Jon Gentry
photo: Tim Trumble

"... Perô, or the Mysteries of the Night is a unique production that features puppets, music, and a cast of four to tell a fairly simple love story. Childsplay’s collaboration with the Dutch theatre troupe Speeltheater Holland, while intriguing and enthralling for more open minded theatre goers, may be a bit too avant-garde for younger audience members but those who are willing to let their imaginations soar will find much to like. The play follows a simple, timeless and often told love story about a shy man who is in love with a woman. But he finds his heart broken when he isn’t able to speak his thoughts and things don’t go the way he plans. ... It is charming, beguiling and also part musical with operatic flourishes and a huge dollop of romance...the European flair and touches of commedia dell’arte in the production may be new and different for some theatregoers, and catch them off guard, Onny Huisink directs with a high sense of theatrical fluidity that is captivating. ...While it is an intriguing concept, and something that you most likely won’t see in town from other theatre companies, the sophisticated theatrical approach may come off a bit pretentious or even confusing, especially for those who are used to more traditional (ie: “American”) children’s theatre productions. But Perô is full of creativity, and this simple, thoughtful and enchanting story will peak your imagination and engage those with curious minds. -Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway (click here to read the complete review)

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