Monday, May 9, 2011

The Ultimate Star Wars Playlist

I've gotten some good responses to my previous post about the John Williams concert I went to as well as the "Ultimate John Williams Playlist" I posted - and with the complete Star Wars saga recently announced to be released on Blu-Ray dvd on September 16th I thought I'd post my "Ultimate Star Wars Playlist".

I saw Star Wars on it's opening weekend in May of 1977 and my life pretty much changed from that moment on.  Seeing that film, on a giant screen with no prior knowledge of anything about it, was an amazing experience.  It was a packed audience and I'm pretty sure everyone there felt the same way as I did. Now, I liked movies before but after seeing Star Wars I became interested in finding out more about films, how they were made, what films influenced them, etc.  I think it was that weekend in May that made be interested more in discovering the art of the movies instead of just being a casual observer of them.  One of the main things I quickly realized was how important the soundtrack of a movie was to instilling or projecting certain feelings, themes and ideas to the audience.  And, even though I had never really heard of John Williams before seeing Star Wars, after that weekend in May of 1977, his was a name I would never forget.

So, I give you my "Ultimate Star Wars" playlist - which includes my favorite tracks from all six of the Star Wars films. Check out the Clips from all 30 tracks below in the Amazon mp3 clip box-

  1. Star Wars Main Title and the Arrival at Naboo
  2. Duel of the Fates
  3. Anakin's Theme
  4. The Arrival at Tatooine and the Flag Parade
  5. Across the Stars (Love Theme from Star Wars)
  6. Anakin's Dream
  7. Padme's Ruminations
  8. Enter Lord Vader
  9. Anakin vs. Obi-Wan
  10. Battle of the Heroes
  11. Imperial Attack
  12. The Dune Sea of Tatooine/Jawa Sandcrawler
  13. The Moisture Farm
  14. The Hologram/Binary Sunset
  15. Cantina Band
  16. Princess Leia's Theme
  17. Ben Kenobi's Death/Tie Fighter Attack
  18. The Battle of Yavin
  19. The Imperial March
  20. Yoda's Theme
  21. The Asteroid Field
  22. Han Solo and the Princess
  23. The Clash of the Lightsabers
  24. Han Solo Returns
  25. Parade of the Ewoks
  26. Luke and Leia
  27. Emperor's Throne Room
  28. The Forest Battle
  29. Leia's News/Light of the Force
  30. The Throne Room/End Title

Amazon link for the Complete Star Wars Saga on Blu Ray -Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) [Blu-ray]

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  1. I credited this site for the "Star Wars" logo photo that I used on my blog "Titus' Take on Things" for the article entitled "George Lucas and the Dissolving Star Wars."