Monday, January 13, 2014

theatre review MY SON, THE WAITER - Herberger Theatre- Jan. 8

Brad Zimmerman
For my complete Talkin' Broadway review of My Son, the Waiter click here.

"Brad Zimmerman is a gifted stand-up comedian in his late fifties. Over the past ten years he has opened for both Joan Rivers and George Carlin so you would think he's been performing stand-up since he was in his twenties in order to land those high profile gigs. However, as we discover in his hilarious, yet somewhat disjointed one man show My Son, the Waiter, he actually didn't start doing stand-up until he was in his forties, shortly after attending a stand-up class in 1996. So the fact that he appeared with these A-list comics after such a short time mastering his craft is a testament to Zimmerman's comic abilities. My Son, the Waiter, with the tag line "A Jewish Tragedy," follows Zimmerman's life from sleep away camp in his youth to his finding his voice in stand-up along with dealings with his overbearing Jewish mother, with plenty of jokes, stories and anecdotes about life delivered along the way."

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