Monday, January 13, 2014

theatre review XANADU, Arizona Theatre Company, Jan. 4

Dane Stokinger and Jessica Skerritt
Click here for my complete Talkin' Broadway review of Xanadu at the Arizona Theatre Company, which runs through January 19th.

"Though musicals based on movies have been the trend on Broadway for years now, the idea of turning a huge flop movie into a musical must have been met with producers shaking their heads. I'm happy to report that the 1980 musical film flop Xanadu has been turned into a hilarious, campy and extremely charming stage production. The Broadway show ran for over 500 performances and the Arizona Theatre Company production that just opened in Phoenix is equally good, with a hilarious cast, sure-footed direction and excellent production elements.

Xanadu is a silly show with many show-stopping musical numbers of some of the biggest pop hits of the early '80s. The Arizona Theatre Company co-production with the Village Theatre has a superb cast, inspired direction and perfect design elements that combine into a truly humorous, infectious and magical evening that hardly anyone will be able to resist. So, pull out your leg warmers and roller skates from the closet and skate on down to the Herberger Theater before January 19th."

Arizona Theatre Company Official Site

Photo: Mark Kitaoka and Tracy Martin/Arizona Theatre Company

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