Monday, March 7, 2011

"Top of the Queue Review" - Salt, Knight and Day and Resident Evil:Afterlife 3D

There were a few action movies that came and went last year that I recently caught up with - Salt, Knight and Day and Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D.   They all pretty much bombed at the box office but they are actually all pretty good action movies - definitely worth a rental or even a blind buy purchase at the right price point.

Angelina Jolie is "Salt" a CIA agent with a big problem - she is being framed as a secret Russian agent and so she has to go on the run to prove her innocence- or is she really a secret Russian spy with a plan to destroy the US?   This movie has tons of great action scenes - some of which are a little too over the top, but are still fun -and had me guessing pretty much up to the end as to exactly what type of agent, double agent or secret agent Salt really was.  
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Knight and Day was one of those movies where I saw the trailer and had no interest to see the movie- guessing a lot of people felt the same way.   I put it in the Netflix queue anyway, and am glad I did.  Much like SALT, there is a lot of not knowing just what kind of person Tom Cruise is playing, is he a double agent, an agent being framed or an agent on the take?   And, also like SALT, this movie keeps you guessing throughout and has lots of over the top action scenes -many completely unrealistic, but still a lot of fun and worth a rental or purchase at a good price. 
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Knight and Day (Three-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo+ Digital Copy)

Resident Evil - so we bought a 3D tv and 3D blu ray player a few months back -and this dvd was a blind buy for me to see what a big action film would be like in 3D in my living room.  Having never seen any of the previous Resident Evil movies, I went in cautiously optimistic and was extremely happy with the outcome.  The movie itself is much in the DAWN OF THE DEAD genre - humans trapped in an enclosed space fighting off the zombies just outside the walls of the building - but there are some amazing stunts and action scenes that really kick this up a notch.   3D tvs aren't exactly selling like the tv industry hoped for- at least that's what I've read on various sites and blogs, but I have to admit that the home 3D experience is something that I'm thoroughly enjoying.  We've watched 4 or 5 3D movies now at home, I'll post more on those later -and they have all been a lot of fun.   No strange side effects, no double image ghosting that I've read some have experienced -and the home 3D experience is pretty much the exact same as what you'd currently get at the movie theatres.   Our friends Denise and Debbie took the 3D home journey with us for this film, and they both were happy with the experience.    I'm definitely looking forward to more 3D films in the future - and just hoping that we get some of the older titles released on Blu Ray 3D as well - would love to see some of the 3D movies from the 50's like the Creature From the Black Lagoon!

Link below is for the 3d blu ray- which can also be played in regular 2d.

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